My Amy… The absolute best nail tech Ive ever had not to mention an always encouraging friend… Celebrating a birthday milestone with a photoshoot… As always amazing make up and hair done by Daniel Greenfield. Amy loves the flowers at Carnival time so we took a walk in the park. She was a little out of her comfort zone at the start with it being so busy but by the end she was on fire! 3D7A0001_pp3D7A00203D7A0036_pp3D7A0051_pp3D7A0058_pp3D7A0084_pp3D7A0103_pp3D7A0116_pp3D7A0131_pp3D7A0135_pp3D7A0186_pp3D7A0215_pp3D7A0260_pp3D7A0276_pp


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