So I did it, I joined the world of photographic blogging. As if anyone wants to read the shit right? Lol. Anyway, I thought I’d start by doing a post about myself (which I’m just *sah* good at) and going on to introduce the rest of my team… That’s what we are after all… A team of make up artists, hairdressers, stylists, car and bike enthusiasts, naturists, nudists lol the list goes on… I’m getting sidetracked.

My name is Amanda.
I’ve been photo crazy since I was a kid, my friends still call me the paparazzi.
I’ve been in business now since I bought my first dslr in I think 2008.
I like to find beauty in anything that might have lost its shine… Living or inanimate…
Glamour Portraiture would be my specialty if I had to choose just one.
Followed closely by extravagant themed concept shoots that we can lose ourselves in for a day.
I prefer natural light to artificial light… But can supply a studio on request…

As I said I’m not good at this talking about myself stuff so I’ll leave that there for now… You can view more of my previous work at our Facebook page or our joint model competition Facebook page.

I hope to meet you on my next shoot anyway and we can talk then :p


This is my partner in crime… My second in charge… The cherry to my cola… The juice to my squeeze… Mr Daniel Greenfield is my chief go to make up artist, special effects king and beauty therapist master!

Stand alone owner of Truly Obsessed Makeup And Beauty, Daniel and I have been working together now collaborating for over a year. He matches my visions with absolute precision, uses only the best products and most of all is an extreme perfectionist like myself so every time we work together I know I’m going to get the best make up possible which for me is important because it limits my editing time by almost half!

Daniel has a Diploma in Specialist Makeup Services from the National Academy of Beauty in Brisbane. He studied at the Australian Institute of Applied Sciences in 2011-2012 to receive his Diploma of Beauty Therapy. Since completing his Diploma of Beauty Therapy he has been freelancing, doing makeup and beauty therapy work. 

Heres a little exert from Daniels blog…

“I have had the privilege of studying under one of the best makeup artists in the business (that I believe) Allyson Duncan here in Brisbane. Her knowledge and wisdom has helped me become a great makeup artist and expanded my mind in the world of makeup. I also draw inspiration from a lot of different aspects through life, such as friends and family, art, random people, social media and other makeup artists and artists in general.  

I can’t say my dream is to work with celebrities, but if any work like that comes my way then that’s amazing. But my dream is to work with normal everyday people to help them discover their inner beauty and show how makeup can change people’s outlooks on themselves in a more positive way. Makeup has changed my life and I live and breathe it everyday.”

You can learn more about Daniel at his blog or Facebook 🙂


Meet Brittany the newest edition to the Lady Boss Team. Brittany is a senior stylist and a resident at award winning Toowoomba salon Niko and Okin. She has modelled for me before and her energy onset is a massive asset not to mention her hairdressing skills. We look forward to having her company on many more shoots to come!