Okay so you’ve thought about booking a shoot… But you have some questions… Ill try to answer as many as I can here so you have a reference point to come back to during the booking process 🙂

How to prepare…

THE BEAUTY CHECKLIST – When having your portrait taken, there are five areas where a little advanced preparation can make a huge difference. Neglect them, and an otherwise perfect photo could end up with distracting elements which take the focus away from where it should be. The five areas are: Face, Hair, Hands, Skin, and Clothes.

The week before your shoot is a time for planning. Decide on outfits, choose which beautification steps you will take, and schedule the appointments. Remember, these tips are here to help you think of ideas for preparing for your shoot, but are definitely not required, or even necessary for everybody. Just choose what fits in with your budget, lifestyle, and current beauty regimen, and go from there!


Brush your teeth 🙂 It sounds simple but its the easiest thing to forget and the biggest regret.

Don’t Pick. A pimple is very easy to cover with makeup, but scabs, wounds and flaky patches are more tricky.

Exfoliate. Plan to exfoliate a couple times before your appointment, but be sure to allow a few days between ‘treatments’, as well as a couple days after the last one before your shoot.

Get a Facial. If you’re going to go all out into pamper mode, be sure to do your facial at least a week before your shoot. Since facials tend to cause redness, a week usually allows enough time to heal.

Wax Eyebrows. If you decide to have your eyebrows waxed or threaded, be sure to schedule the appointment for at least a few days before your photoshoot. Otherwise, an eyebrow trim/touch up at home could be done a day or two before the shoot.

Day of the shoot if you’re having your make up done, come with a clean moisturised face.


Touch Up Your Roots. If you dye your hair, touching up your regrowth three days before your photoshoot is ideal. Take my advice: this is not the time for drastic changes. Trust me. Get a Trim. Neat, healthy hair is youthful and vibrant. If it’s been a while since your last haircut, even a subtle trim can make a world of difference.

Deep Condition. Your salon can do a professional conditioning treatment, or you can use your favorite deep conditioner or protein pack at home.

Wash your hair the night before your shoot and if you have hair booked in please do not add product.


Get a Manicure. While you’re at it, toss in the pedicure. If you’re hard on your manicures, book the mani/pedi for the day before your shoot. Minimalists can stick with neatly shaped, clear nails. Soft, neutral colors work well for fingertips. Toes can get away with any color. (Think about the outfits you’re bringing and be sure to choose a color that will compliment your choices.)


Wax or Shave. If you go the waxing route, give yourself a few days to heal before your shoot. Shaving can be done the night before. Be sure to get your legs and underarms, and if you’ll be wearing a swimsuit or lingerie, bikini area too 🙂

Please scrub all patchy fake tan off where possible. Id rather you be pale than patchy. We recommend Bondi Sands if you must use one. Make sure its freshly applied the night before your shoot.


Practice your poses. When it comes down to the day of your shoot, it’s so important that you’ve practiced your poses in front of a mirror. You can figure out your best angles and understand what happens when the light hits your body in different positions. Posing might seem awkward at first, but with the right photographer it can quickly become a fun and playful experience. Im pretty good at getting the most out of everyone and will direct you every step of the way, showing you exactly how to stand and pose. This will help you to feel way more at ease during your first photo shoot!

Pre-Shoot Details. It’s so important that you pay attention to detail when preparing for your shoot. Cameras can pick up slight defects in a lot more detail than the naked eye so make sure your legs have been shaved/waxed prior to the shoot and that your nails aren’t chipped.

Always make sure you have the correct underwear for your shoot, if you’re wearing anything showing your shoulders then you’ll need a strapless bra, likewise if you’re wanting to shoot a boudoir look then don’t forget to bring in some gorgeous matching undergarments.

Be well rested. Tiredness shows on your face, your skin and then seeps through your attitude. It’s one of life’s well known secrets that you must have at least your 8 hours of sleep per night; but before your photo shoot, it’s something you can’t skip! Pop some lavender essential oil on your pillow if you struggle to sleep.

Wardrobe prep is absolutely essential to nail your photo shoot. Think of a few different trends that you may want to subtly accent in your photos. If you love high fashion, editorial style then you need to start gathering eclectic clothing and exaggerated props like layers of lace fabric, funky hats or huge platform shoes. Boudoir I recommend getting a fitting and ordering online. We recommend http://www.shein.com.au, http://www.citychic.com.au, http://www.brasnthings.com.au and http://www.honeybirdette.com to name a few. You can also score great pieces at any department or adult store 🙂

Confidence… Once you’re all prepared, it’s time to work on your attitude. You need to remember that you are fabulous and be confident in your shoot. Everyone gets a bit nervous before a photo shoot, so channel those nerves into excitement so that the confidence flows out of you as soon as the camera starts flashing!


Once you’ve decided on your session style, hair and makeup, location and styling options we will nail down a date to shoot. Once that is decided and a final price is reached we will ask for a 50% fee deposit to be made to secure your date with all creatives involved. This is non refundable but we are happy to compromise on dates with enough time to reorganise.