This was a confidence boosting shoot for a lady that had been put down and she was looking to take some pictures to bring herself up again!

Our specialty!

Hair by Brittany Goldby and makeup by Daniel Gr3D7A8128_pp (2)3D7A8102_pp3D7A8083_pp3D7A8015_pp-0013D7A8015_pp3D7A8014_pp3D7A7958_pp-0023D7A7958_pp-0013D7A7931_pp3D7A7906_pp-0013D7A7846_pp-0013D7A7759_pp3D7A7706_pp3D7A7679_pp2-0013D7A7663_pp3D7A7604_pp3D7A7570_pp23D7A7562_ppeenfield.


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