Today we wear ‘Pinup’!..

Thought I’d do my first blogpost on one of my fave shoots so far this year! I was invited to the 2016 Toowoomba Show N Shine at the Cobb N Co Museum by a model who wanted pictures of herself and her friends while they were at the car show in pinup theme… As a surprise I thought… Since they’re in theme already why not try to book the cute little diner in Eren’s town called the Gatton Hot Rod Diner.

I gave them a call and they were so so kind and more than happy for us to invade their place with our antics! But alas… Come day of the show… All girls had pulled out!

Never fear! I have made some amazing model friends over the years who are always happy to put their hand up and fill a spot at the last-minute so after a few phone calls… I hit the car show and diner with Miss Natalie and Miss Sophie!

Daniel did the makeup for Sophie and Natalie did her own as she has got some fierce talent herself! Eren was my lighting master and we were also joined by my amazing friends Atil, Selina and Deniz for a fun-filled day of food and laughs!

Catch phrases of the day – ‘Nobody puts baby in the corner’ and ‘Now get MAD Sophie!’


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