‘Meeting Melinda’

Back in 2015 I did a few fitness shoots with local superhero legend Katherine Clothier which inspired a lot of young women to start getting fit and wanting to showcase their hard work. Melinda contacted me at the start of her journey and said she cannot wait to be at her goal weight to do a shoot with us!

I was so excited when only a few short months later she contacted me again and said she was ready to book it in! She wanted a bikini shoot and as soon as I saw her dark hair and cheeky smile I pictured her covered in sand and playing in rock pools. So we headed to my fave childhood place, Hastings Point, where I remember playing in the rockpools and exploring the caves. It’s so funny how you remember things as a kid to as an adult because when we got there I swear everything was miniature lol.

But we smashed it anyway… It was cold, raining, took us a million hours to drive there, Eren was in full spastic mode after being trapped in the car so long and then I made him do hair and make up on set… In the rainy, windy, crappy weather… I was not his fave person!

And yet, what a magical outcome! Melinda was a marvel! She braved the cold, took all direction with ease and even after such an already hectic day didn’t blink an eye when I suggested we make a stop at another location on the way home… Still didn’t complain as we were driving through the mountains… Or climbing the hills, down the cliffs lol…

Because she saw the waterfalls at the bottom. She was straight in to wash off the sand and wasn’t thrown off by the on lookers or Erens sometimes inappropriate handler techniques lmao. Thanks for the great time Melinda and you can view our second shoot Chevy Chaos here.


More here – https://www.facebook.com/ladybosspics/photos/?tab=album&album_id=10153981940838276


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