Two Impalas And A Safe Saloon…

Lucky me managed to sort out two matching drop top Impalas and we shot it in the most Vato feeling place I know… Sundowner Saloon… Thanks to my girls and the SAFE crew xIMG_20190710_093039_344IMG_20190710_092954_209IMG_20190710_092824_900IMG_0851_pp-1IMG_0800_ppIMG_0728_ppIMG_0599_ppIMG_0587_ppIMG_0549_ppIMG_0001_ppIMG_0374IMG_9899_ppIMG_9866_ppIMG_9852_ppIMG_0366IMG_9842IMG_9779_ppIMG_9754_pp-1IMG_9655_ppIMG_9631_ppIMG_9586_pp


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