Mafia Party…

We here at Lady Boss don’t condone gun violence… We do acknowledge the fact that they can look badass in the right hands and so we don’t try to hide the fact we use fake ones we found in the toy section at Kmart. We make up for the cheap guns by using this incredible drop top impala…

The first from my Girl Gang set. Bros car out there facing the rain like the real MVP.

On this day I overloaded myself… I had so much going on and too much to focus on… It started to rain on the car… We are NOT hairdressers without our girl Britt lol… But we still found some magic… Tash, Ally and Tally thanks for helping me out on this one and Daniel Greenfield for your make up and hair on all three girls…

My ride or die… I mean we don’t have to die… We can just go get nuggets or tacos and drink beer if you want 😂





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