Day Walker…

So Daniel and I have been spending some time together throwing about creative makeup ideas to shoot, and with Halloween in October we decided to do a series of sets dedicated to all things spooky.

First up was Melinda… I found a cemetery/forest combo I thought would be just perfect for our first shoot location.

Daniel created a full faced ghoul for the first look and we had hit the op shops during the week and found an incredible lace dress that fit Melinda like a charm. She also brought one of her own to use as well which worked amazingly with the graveyard scenes.

This shoot had everything… Including finding a baby rabbit and setting it free!

We took a break back at #LBHQ and Daniel changed our makeup look to Zombie Girl… With a full blown slash right across her chest. We hit Toowoomba Town for an amazing sunset symbolizing her fist waking up and going out for a feed…


More here –


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